Tamika Tolbert

Tamika Tolbert with other members of her unit

“I received my boxes today I was so excited I shared my stuff with the office I really enjoyed the art work form the children . They need to know I am hanging on the wall. Tell Logan and Trevor thanks for the fall leaves I needed them to decorate my bulletin board. I know that the children really worked hard on the art work and it is like a breathe of first air. Last Monday we had an earthquake it was so scary but no one got hurt thank GOD. Well tell everyone I appreciate everyone and everything I received and so does my section. Oh yeah I forgot to include that I am from Pennsgrove, New Jersey . Till next time I will try to stay safe GOD BLESS.”

“Let me see I have been in the military for 21 years I am the mother of 5 children Tyniqua 23, she is about to have my first grandchild which is a girl I am so excited. My second child is Moses 19, he is a freshmen in college he goes to NSU in Louisiana my third child is Amone 17,he is a senior in high school, my fourth child is Duwon 15 he is a freshmen in high school and last but not least my baby Niyhana 5, she is in kindergarten. I am married my husband Moses is wonderful we have been married for 17 years he is a retired veteran. My hobbies are cooking, working out, and spending time with my family.”

Each month we will be sharing excerpts of letters and emails we receive from Windsor and Windsor-related troop members who receive the care packages sent out each month by WIN-TV volunteers.