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WIN-TV's 35th Anniversary: "Back to the Future" Community Cinema remake

  • What's Community Cinema?

    Community Cinema is a community project in which friends, family and co-workers who are a part of Windsor will be working together to remake a famous film.

    In this case, because we at WIN-TV are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year, the film being remade gives a nod to our roots from the 1980's....Back to the Future!

    So get a group of friends, co-workers, civic organization members....and we will give you a scene from Back to the Future to remake in any way you wish. Creativity is the key!

    Do you want Marty McFly to be played by your cat? Or how about your toddler dressed up as Doc Brown? Or maybe you want to re-create your assigned scene completely with Barbie dolls. Your interpretation is what makes this project so much fun!

    Our after-school program showed you a crazy example (they even added in some BTTF Part 2) above of what things they wanted to do with our greenscreen...but you don't have to make it that complicated, trust us.

    We've only got a few rules:
    1) Use the same dialog and action that is happening in your assigned scene.
    2) Keep within the original time length of your scene.

    You have ALL SUMMER to re-create your scene. And we can help you in any way you need, whether it is to borrow a camera, use our studio, or edit.

    In September, when you turn in your completed scene, we will polish it up and put it together with the other submitted scenes to produce a brand new movie with a Windsor flair!

    Then we will invite family and friends to join us all as we get together at the LP Wilson to screen the film in October.

    It's going to be a blast!


    Suggested Donation is $25 per team to participate, which benefits WIN-TV and its programs


  • Be a part of this fun community project!
  • We will list your team names/businesses on social media and our website so folks will know you are participating
  • Registration includes tickets to the Fall screening and Community Cinema swag
  • Prizes for best interpretation, best acting and more!
  • Check out our friends at Northhampton Community Television and how they created a similar project!